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Mauvelous Floral Top Knot Beanie

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Why is a beanie one of the first things put on a baby’s head? 
Babies are used to the tight comfy and warm quarters of their mother’s womb and a beanie is the perfect thing to help them regulate their temperature outside of mom. 
Our top knot beanies are made with buttery soft fabric that is only one layer thick and breathable so they are the perfect weight to add warmth without overheating.

They coming in the three following sizes because no two babies are born the same:
Preemie - up to approximately 8 pounds
NB - 0-4 months or up to approximately 14 pounds
Small - 15-12 months or up to approximately 22 pounds

And they pair perfectly with our swaddles that simulate the comfort and tightness of the womb and made with the same super soft breathable fabric.

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