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About KB Cute Designs


Here at KB Cute we believe that having babies can be rough, snuggling them shouldn't be. We make sure our fabrics are 3 things: soft, durable and comfortable.

The fabric we use is the perfect Rayon and Spandex blend that is literally buttery soft and has just the right amount of stretch to get that perfect snug swaddle. The amount of spandex in it assures there is no pilling on the fabric after many uses and countless washes.


About Kerri

Kerri Blaser - where the KB in our name comes from - made the very first gray textured swaddle blanket in 2014 in Mesa Arizona shortly after the birth of her third child and first son, Boston.

After using the popular cotton-muslin swaddles with her girls, swaddling her son (at almost 10 pounds) was completely different. Because he was bigger and stronger she ripped through all of the muslin blankets trying to get him swaddled snug and tight, not to mention that his feet stuck out of the bottom of the swaddles because they weren’t big enough.

Kerri worked while her babies were sleeping and she created a much larger blanket with added stretch to be a little more snug. Lining the kitchen table with her wrapping paper cutting guides, experimenting with fabrics and sewing on her Craigslist serger to design a swaddle and beanie that was functional, beautiful and worked for her. Soon she had several blankets that other mom friends took notice of and wanted. On a tight budget, Kerri began to participate in local markets with her products and word spread quickly because it was what so many other moms were looking for.

Today, Kerri and Chris travel the world with their three children: Rylee, Addison and Boston. Homeschooling them and showing them that there are more ways to make a living than working for someone else.